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Southern Appeal Landscape Management

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Thank you for such a professional job that you did on our landscaping project. Your employees were very good and hard working. I would not hesitate to use you again or recommend you to someone. Please fee

Southern Appeal was excellent. They gave me quotes for various jobs around the yard, and we went with them for a larger project. They arrived promptly and completed the work within a day. It would've taken me 3 months on my own, without a doubt. All of the workers were nice and I felt very comfortable that they had the expertise needed to do the work. The company is family-owned and family operated, with some additional hands as needed. They performed small, additional tasks beyond what was quoted and without hesitation. They also helped give me an idea of how to manage the yard going forward along with ideas for the future. I'd highly recommend Southern Appeal.
John Romano (Posted on Angie's List) 2013) 
I am very satisfied with my experience with Southern Appeal Landscape Management. They showed up on time, did what they said they were going to do, cleaned up after themselves, exhibited very good quality of workmanship and were always pleasant to deal with. I highly recommend them to anyone in the area who needs lawn work performed. I would and will use them again!
Robert Wheeler (Posted on Angie's List) 2013) 
My back yard was heavily damaged by an F2 tornado that hit the area on Christmas Day 2012.  He proposed cleaning out the damaged bushed from the camellia bed and replanting.  He heavily mulched  the area.  He also took up all the ruined grass and replaced it.  A raised bed was put in for veggies and the area next to the new carport was tilled and readied for planting.  The seating area on the north side of the new carport was cleared, replanted and heavily mulched.  I specified low maintenance and Jim Trawick listened.  The entire job is absolutely beautiful; and I could not be more pleased.  Workers also cleaned out the front beds damaged by an oak that literally exploded in my neighbor's yard. 
The back yard was so heavily damaged, I knew it was going to take someone who knew what they were doing and had the equipment with which to do it.  After calling on about 5 different landscapers, none of whom were interested in taking on the project, I turned to Angie's list.  All the reviews were glowing.  So, I called.  Mr. Trawick was extremely professional and we worked out an appointment on the telephone.  He was prompt and truly interested with working with me.  When the work began, everything was done just the way I wanted it. It was definitely a low stress event in my life, when I really needed it.   I highly recommend this company.  I will use them again if and when the opportunity arises.  I can't thank Jim Trawick and his sons enough for giving my back yard back to me.
Dorothy Gill (Posted on Angie's List) 2013) 


Offered very good suggestions at the beginning, stayed on schedule, and the yard looks better than we expected. It was a large investment, but well worth the outcome.  Crew was very professional, and they made sure nothing was left behind at the conclusion of the project. I understand they got several other projects just from neighbors passing by and seeing their work - which is exactly how I got in touch with them.

Scott Wilson  (Posted on Angie's List) 2013) 


This job took  a bit longer than original dates planned but only due to unforeseen weather delays. Contractor was very good about keeping me informed during those delays. The crew of people he had working this job were very professional and polite. My front lawn is now totally transformed and a pleasure to look at. Irrigation system, while only used a couple times, has excellent coverage and seems to be doing the job as designed. No shortcuts on work was observed, this was a quality job. It was reiterated to me if I had any problems or questions post this job, to call and they would be addressed. While the job has just been completed, I have not had reason as yet to need further services, but nice to know the contractor is willing to be available if needed. I will follow up if need be, but as of right now I am satisfied with the job and would recommend Southern Appeal Landscape for anyone looking for this type of work.

Eileen Sheehan  (Posted on Angie's List) 2013) 


Jim Trawick and his company were professional and responsive to the design we wanted. Our front yard was basically a disaster and now it's a beautiful home to come to. His sons explained what they were doing and how long it would take. The rains held them back a little but they worked hard and finished. We are very happy with our new yard! And the maintenance services they provide are A-plus.

Shelia Clark (Posted on Angie's List) 2013) 


Due to severe weather and lots of rain, cutting and the delivery of the sod by sod company and doing the install was delayed.  I was kept informed, and they showed up as scheduled/rescheduled.  The owners and crews worked to complete the installation, cleaned up, and were eager to address any thing I saw needing attention.  
I am putting the water to it now; I am looking forward to a pretty lush green yard in the near future!  As this was phase one of two projects, I hope that Southern Appeal will do the next phase.  They are very professional and I appreciate the exchange of communications via email, personal attention received and the work that was done.
Jane Nall (Posted on Angie's List) 2013) 


Mr. Trawick, his sons, and his employees ware all very professional ad courteous. Mr. Trawick provided the estimate and his sons oversaw the work. Mr. Trawick did a final inspection. The finished work was outstanding and was within the estimate - no surprises. The one problem with the landscaping lighting was quickly resolved. I would definitely use Southern Appeal again.

Howard Danley (Posted on Angie's List) 2013) 


They kept me informed of their estimated arrival time so that I could arrange for someone to be at home.  As soon as they arrived, they immediately identified the areas that needed repair and were able to complete the work in less than one hour.  They were very professional and the price charged was very reasonable.  I will definitely call them again and would recommend them to anyone!
Marisol Valladares (Posted on Angie's List) 2013) 


100% pleased with the work and the end product was beautiful.  They worked very hard and completed the project in a timely manner.  It has been almost a year and the grass still looks beautiful.  I am now using them for regular scheduled maintenance on my lawn.

Barbara Sharp (Posted on Angie's List) 2013)  


Thank you for such a professional job that you did on our landscaping project. Your employees were very good and hard working. I would not hesitate to use you again or recommend you to someone. Please feel free to use me as a reference if needed. The yard has never looked so good! Regards,

Mark Miller 2013


This company was referred by a trusted friend. My first contact was in late 2009. I had just purchased a home that had a terrible yard. It was basically a dog run, holes in the yard, Boring front yard. We had the company completely re-do the landscaping in the back yard and began work in the front. The next year we had more extensive work done in the front. My yard looks like it could be in Better Homes and Gardens.
They cleared the overgrown vines in the back, replaced a substantial portion of the fence, installed pathways, designed the layout of the plantings and installed all. They built me four raised planting beds. These are very sturdy and handy for vegtables.
They also installed a watering system so I don't have to drag a hose all over the yard. They have maintained the yard twice monthly since the beginning. Trimming the plants, weeding, removing leaves and just keeping it looking great.
On one occasion a stray rock from their weed eater shattered a storm door. They immediately took action and had the broken glass replaced.
I am impressed with their professionalism and honesty. I will continue to use them for maintaining and further improvements to my yard.
Cheryl Palm (Posted on Angie's List) 2012)
I started out with a yard that had more weeds than grass, very sad looking plants, and not much maintenance at all over the past several years. I described to Jim the yard I had in mind and showed him a few pictures of plants that I liked. I know very little about landscaping so I trusted him to recommend the right plants for my yard. His design was fantastic and the plants look great. Part of the design included a brick walkway the encompasses the entire front yard. I had a lot of old brick that I asked them to use; I know it wasn't easy to work with but they did a great job.
I called them back a few weeks later when my dog dug up 2 of the plants, and they replaced them at no charge even though that clearly wasn't their fault.
Since the original install I've had them back to plant flowers in my window boxes. It was a small, simple job and I wasn't sure they would be interested, but they came out right away and their price was very competitive.
I am very happy with Southern Appeal and will definitely use them for all of my future landscaping needs.
Cathy Bair (Posted on Angie's List) 2012)
Jim and his staff put down sod near my porch. Also, he put pine straw around my bushes and sprayed herbicide for the weeds. His team was very professional and the work was completed in a timely manner. I would recommend Jim and his company. Communication is important. Jim's response to email is very quick. I have been pleased with the work and highly recommend Southern Appeal Landscape Mgt. I will continue to use them for my yard needs.
Eileen Gardner (Posted on Angie's List) 2012)
They did landscaping in my front yard. Jim and Mark Trawick were very friendly and professional.
Joanne Leon (Posted on Angie's List) 2012)
Southern Appeal was contacted for an estimate and after it was given to us they were hired to do the work. The original start of the job was delayed but it was no problem. The job was completed in two days and was exceptional. We have a large area of beds around our home and down the length of the property. They did a great job in getting the beds cleaned and trimmed as well as a large arbor covered in confederate jasmine that had taken it over. The guys made short work of the jasmine and trimmed it up really well. Their work comes highly recommended.
Carlyn Hillman (Posted on Angie's List) 2012)
Our yard was in desperate need of attention after losing most of our grass to excessive sun exposure and toxic soil due to removing several large pine trees. I found Jim and Southern Appeal Landscaping through Angie's List. I read several reviews and noticed that Southern Appeal Landscaping had one of the higher ratings compared to other landscapers listed in our area. I decided that I would try Southern Appeal Landscaping for the front yard and depending on their work, I would then consider them for the back. After initially contacting Southern Appeal Landscaping, Jim Trawick promptly made arrangements to come by the house to better understand what he might be dealing with. A short time later, Jim emailed me his landscaping ideas along with an estimate. After deciding to move forward with his plans it was only a matter of weeks before they were able to start the job. They removed what remaining grass there was, installed irrigation plumbing, churned up the soil and added a considerable amount of topsoil in preparation for the new grass and plants. They finished the job in a matter of days and the results are impressive. We have received more compliments from neighbors, family and friends on how beautiful our new yard looks. We were so pleased with their work that we decided to have them work their same magic on our back yard. The back is now complete and we are equally pleased with these results. We now have one of the more attractive yards in the neighborhood and have done wonders for the value of our property. We found Southern Appeal Landscaping to be prompt, professional and more than fair with our job. I enthusiastically recommend Jim, Southern Appeal Landscaping and their crew for any landscaping job. Thanks again to Jim, his sons and all of their crew at Southern Appeal Landscaping for all of their hard work.
Caroline Walter (Posted on Angie's List) 2012)
Mr. Trawick came over and we spent about two hours going over what I wanted done. He was able to come up with a comprehensive plan that met my needs and fulfilled what I had envisioned. He came up with some other ideas that I had not thought about and we incorporated those into the design.
I signed off on the plan & price and we scheduled the job two weeks later.
His crew showed up as scheduled and got the whole job done in two days.
I have no problems with what he did and how he did it.
It has been four months and it all still looks good. All the shubbery took root and I think will go through the winter OK.
There is only one small tree that is iffy. I am very satisifed with how it turned out. We now have a
landscape that is neat, orderly, uncluttered and symmetrical.
The cost at the time was somewhat higher than I expected, but it turned out to be worth it.
There is no doubt I will call him again if I need more work in the future.
Steve Croft (Posted on Angie's List) 2012)
They were very professional and did what the proposal called for and on schedule. I plan to use them again.
Henry Garcia (Posted on Angie's List) 2012)
Jim, his sons and his crews are professional, easy to work with and very careful and competent. we were so pleased with the initial work done by them that we booked service for the entire year.
Great experience with pleasant professional people who do good work.
Terrance McDonald  (Posted on Angie's List) 2012)
Went very well, had a few hang ups with weather, rained most every afternoon which slowed down stripping and installing sprinkler system and adding top soil. Once this was done they put in a couple of long days working in rain while laying sod and gravel. They were very receptive to minor changes and suggestion and complied with any request even a couple of additional items that I added as things were coming together.
Louis Chateau (Posted on Angie's List) 2012)
Company installed a stone retaining wall along the driveway and back corner of my house. I was very pleased with the finished product. Unfortunately, less than a week later, we were hit with a torrrential rain storm which washed away a large amount of dirt from behind the stonework. I immediately contacted Jim. He was quick to respond and after surveying the damage, he agreed to correct the problem at no additional cost to me.
Eileen Gardner(Posted on Angie's List) 2012)
Could not have had a better experience. I called because after a large set of storms moved through my area, my badly constructed retaining wall (from previous owner) had started to cave, and my fence was falling with it. Mr. Trawick called me back and came out to talk with me about my needs for the project. While I gathered financing, he continued to work very hard to give me quotes on materials that would work best for my situation/ budget. Once I acquired financing, I paid 30% down and he began on the agreed date. His crew worked every day until the project was complete, and was very courteous to my neighbor. He gave me updates at intervals throughout the project, and explained to me additional little touches they had done such as putting gravel on the other side of the fence so I wouldn't have to worry about trimming there. The wall before was the cheapest job the owner could have done. This time railroad ties were used in conjunction with very strong 30 year posts (the kind used to support raised homes). The posts were placed on the outside this time to bear the weight of the wall instead of the inside (also, the previous posts were only railroad ties I found out). Drains were added to keep the water away from the wall and gravel was even placed before the dirt to help the water drain quicker away from the wall. Fabric was added onto the backside of the wall before the dirt and gravel to prevent seepage. Every little touch that you could think of was taken into consideration. He really went the extra mile. The wall is higher and stronger than before and they went through great effort to level out my yard next to the wall that was previously unusable. I gained about 15% of my yard back, and the sod looks great. I could not say enough (and neither could my neighbor) about how high quality of a job this was. I was really blown away. I will not go with anyone else for my landscaping needs and will refer him to everyone I know. THANKS!
Jeremy Kimble (Posted on Angie's List) 2012)
The team from Southern Appeal did an outstanding job. I initially contacted them about a drainage problem in the back of our property. On Jim's first visit, he quickly assessed the situation and offered several solutions to our problem. We elected to proceed with his recommendation and are very pleased with the result. On the day the work was performed, they worked quickly and their clean-up couldn't have been better. And, the end result is beautiful. Our only regret is that we didn't have them re-sod the entire back yard.
If you're looking for professionals and a fair price, you don't have to look any further. You won't find a better landscaping company in southern Alabama or northern Florida. Southern Appeal is "top shelf".
Michael Levesque (Posted on Angie's List) 2012)
The professionalism with this company starts from the time you pick up the phone and call them. This company truly puts the customer first. Your satisfaction with their work is their upmost priority. All appointments were kept on time. The quality of the work is second to none. My new palm trees and flowers look amazing! I am so pleased with their work that I have asked them to take over my weed and fertilization program. After trying other landscape contractors in the area, I have found one that is truly worth the money spent. Alll my future landscaping needs will be entrusted witht his company.
Matthew Haddan (Posted on Angie's List) 2012)
My husband and I have been very pleased with the professionalism of Mr Trawick and his team. What a difference the landscaping has made to the appearance of the house and its curb appeal. There were several price options given to us prior to starting the work on landscaping this home. Ideas of what might be appealing and the degree of work it all entailed were explained to us. We were given landscaping diagrams which were helpful in our final decision making. We would highly recommend Southern Appeal Landscaping.
Linda Langan (Posted on Angie's List) 2012)
I have dealt with lowball contractors before, and unfortunately I got what I paid for. Southern Appeal is a quality landscaping firm. I paid a lump sum for the job, so I did not have to sweat labor slack time. The contractor showed up on time and used quality equipment manned by workers who knew their job, Most of all, labor force was well supervised the entire time on site.
When spring arrives I plan to use Southern Appeal again for additional both front and backyards.
David Coxe (Posted on Angie's List) 2012)
They were excellent. He came out for an estimate and then advised us how to resolve the issue. So, I did the work. He was nice and very informative.
George Chapman (Posted on Angie's List) 2012
Thanks to Southern Appeal Landscape our yard looks wonderful! Jim Trawick gave us a very reasonable quote to do the work and the family business delivered on everything they promised and more. In replacing more than half our turf that was in very bad shape, they made sure that the fresh cut sod had good soil to connect to, and the ruts and valleys caused by years of erosion are gone. Mark and Justin Trawick did an excellent job of supervising the installation and adding new plant material in three beds. Finally, they adjusted our irrigation system and set every sprinkler head to insure the new sod and plants get a great start.
Thank you!
Judy and Mark Weaver November2011

Southern Appeal Landscape did some major landscaping for us. They designed and installed the landscape in our very large front yard. Jim, who is the owner of the company came out within a few days of our phone call asking for a quote. He listened to what we wanted, which was a low maintance landscape. He was polite and professional. We had a very large area that needed to be done; an island area in the front of the yard, and then along the side of a long fence and in the front of the house. We had a bad experience with a landscaper in a previous home, so we were cautious when it came time to choosing our landscaper for our new home. Jim put all our concerns to rest. He was excellent!
After the initial meeting, Jim emailed us a landscape design. He also included pictures of the plants he would be using. We went back and forth making slight modifications to the design. He answered all of our questions about the plants, the care, growth, maintenance, etc. We were satisfied that we were getting the design and plants that would work best for us. We have a busy lifestyle and can't spend hours in the yard taking care of it, but we wanted something that would look great that would not require a lot of time.
We signed a contract with Jim to do our landscape. He came on the day specified in the contract and even contacted us the day before to confirm. He came out with 4 other guys and they worked all day cleaning up the yard, digging, planting, pulling up bushes, spraying, putting down about 70 bales of pine straw. They put in almost 75 plants in our yard.
They also did some extra work that wasn't in the contract. There was an area around the house that they cleaned up and put mulch around because the said, "It would look better from the street." They went above and beyond our expectations!
They cleaned up the yard, hauled away all the debris. Jim gave us instructions on the initial care of the landscape.
We love our landscape. We love southern appeal and would highly recommend them.
So many companies don't return phone calls or don't show up when expected. You won't have that problem with Jim. He was always accessible by phone or email and responded within a day.
It really was a joy to work with Southern Appeal Landscape. A few days after the landscape was done, I emailed Jim about a plant that I had a question about. Jim assured me that all the plants are inspected before planting and if a plant doesn't make the transplant, he would replace it.
This is a Five-Star company. You won't be disappointed with them.
Dawn Gleason (Posted on Angie's List) 2011
I am VERY pleased with this company. The head of the company did an overview, taking in consideration my budget. A very professional written proposal in great detail was presented to me promptly. This large job was completed in two days. The men working on the project were also very professional. They removed all debris. A soil test was done. My lawn was a disaster before this work, and now it's a showplace!
Patricia Gragg (Posted on Angie's List) 2011
Jim Trawick and his crew trimmed trees, pulled scrubs, laid sod and did an overall makeover of our front and back yards. The were quick, extremely professional and easy to talk to. when I say we had the yards redone I mean it, new flowers, all new bushes, moved trees, sod, pine straw, and massive tree trimming. Unless it was pouring rain they were on site. we have about 3/4 of an acre and it took them about 3 days. We loved them so much we have hired them to to all the maintaining of the yard. Jim was on site for most of it and if he wasn't he had a point person to discuss thing with. We have already told one of our best friends and would suggest them to anyone. 5 stars in our book!!!!
Wonderful. The best.
Suzanne Varney (Posted on Angie's List) 2011
Southern Appeal did an amazing job with our yard. Service was always on time and done with great professionalism. Our yard was finally brag-worthy and lived up to our neighbors. We would definitely recommend their lawn care to everyone!
Tara Miller
I would like to express our appreciation for the work done by your firm on the recent landscaping project that we just completed. You and your crew were totally professional and businesslike in every way. Your attention to detail from the very beginning seems to be a rare commodity these days and speaks volumes for the overall quality of work done. We have had several neighbors and acquaintances stop to admire your work. Thanks for working with us on this project—we look forward to working with you again in the future.
Jim and Sharon Tharp 2011

Southern Appeal did a beautiful job replacing the landscaped beds in my front yard. They were artistic, perfectionistic, professional, and very reasonably priced. I enjoyed working with them and have already recommended them to friends and family. Linda Williamson 2010
We had a family gathering in the backyard for the 4th of July. The ooohs and aawwws about the beautiful landscape continued throughout the evening. We owe it all to you! Thanks so much for "listening" to my simple idea and turning it into such a georgeous reality. Thanks too for your diligent research efforts and your attention to our needf or a plant change.
I'm now thinking about a "small" fall garden area...
Wishing you the best always ...
Deborah Lucas Robinson

Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did in landscaping the entrance marker in McMurray Place subdivision. All of us feel you did a great job at a very reasonable price and did everything you promised and then some. Do not hesitate to use me as a reference.
John M. Howard
John Howard Homes
This was a small job. It was professionally done, and in a timely manner. I definitely would use this company for any landscaping projects I have in the future. They provided a cost estimate and a drawing of the project. Everything was on target. I am a very satisfied customer.
Barbara Sharp, Twin Lakes, Saraland, Al. (Posted on Angie's List) 2010
I would like you to know how much our property has been enhanced by your landscape work.
We appreciate the quality of work performed and you working so diligently to get the job done.
I will not hesitate to call your compamy again when we need additional work done.
Thank you for helping us solve our landscape problem.
James VanDevender, Saraland, Al. February 2010
We are so happy with the beautiful privacy fence you guys put up for us this week. We watched you work very, very hard to make sure every board was level and nailed in properly. It definitely added to the value of our home, and you three can put this down as yet another talent to add to all the others! Many, many thanks! - Mary, Mobile, Al. 2010
Superior work, I am very impressed. When they finish a job, they always stand at their truck to make sure it looks right - I love that!
T. Mitchel, Saraland, Al. (Posted on Angie's List) 2009
On behalf of Florence Howard Elementary School, I would like to sincerely thank you for the beautiful sable palm you replaced on our campus. The cost was reasonable and your hard work and expertise are greatly appreciated. - J. Bryant, Principle, 2009
"I contracted with Southern Appeal Landscape because they took their time to review the plan I presented for updating my front yard.They genuinely listened to my thoughts and ideas (which cinched the deal for me) and, with their extensive knowledge, assisted me in deciding which plants would work well in both the sunny and shady areas of my yard.I am extremely pleased with the way they brought everything together.They started work right on schedule and kept working until the job was completed.I am more than pleased with the beauty and balance my “masterpiece” yard radiates and I owe it all to the many great qualities and dedicated efforts of the Southern Appeal Landscaping team. "
J. Love, Mobile, Al. - 2009
"They do all the landscaping on my yard, which includes cutting the grass, edging along sidewalks, weed eating, fertilizing the grass, some weeding in the garden, etc. They do a great job and definitely pay attention to details."
P. Jacobs, Saraland, Al. (Posted on Angie's List) 2008
"We are extremely pleased with our recent landscape "makeover" provided by the Southern Appeal Team. Our lawn had almost 9 years of juniper over-growth and un-kept shrubbery. We were totally amazed at the energy required for these guys to take out the old and put in the new. They have a real talent for design and layout, and they worked steadily through two hot days in July to make our home and lawn more appealing for re-sale. Needless to say, we highly recommend their professional lawn care!"
Petal, Ms. 2008
"Thank you both for fixing our flower bed. You did a super good job! What impressed us with you both was your Christlike ways. You treated us like we were your own Grandparents. We sure will use you again and encourage all our friends to use you both as well."
Mr. & Mrs. Kendrick, Saraland, Al. 2008